22/40 “Black Knight”


22/40 “Black Knight” This necklace is made up of faceted drop shape black spinel beads with a pair of crystal beads and faceted spinel beads necklace. The onyx drops cut with a harlequin pattern and mounted in 18ct white gold.

23/40 “Two Crosses”


23/40 “Two Crosses” This rock crystal necklace features a prop shape faceted morganite from Brazil 24.46cts mounted in18ct white gold and supported each side with a pair of pave diamond crosses 0.90cts. The earrings are a faceted Rose to France amethyst mounted in 18ct white gold.

24/40 “The Emperor“


24/40 “The Emperor“ This ring with an antique hard stone cameo of a Roman Emperor is enhanced by a pave diamond surround, all mounted in 18ct yellow gold.

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