19/40 “Blue Ice”


19/40 “Blue Ice” This aquamarine necklace with unusual hexangular cut beads with a center stone, carved in Jaipur India mounted each side a pair of 18ct yellow gold dolphin heads. The detachable earrings are mounted in white gold with the same cut aquamarine beads and Keshi Pearls. The half round earrings are made in 18ct white gold.

20/40 “Birds in Flight”


20/40 “Birds in Flight” This unique necklace of baroque fresh water pearls interspersed with five Keshi pearl birds with black diamond eyes mounted with18ct yellow gold spacers and clasp. The earrings are a pair of Keshi pearl birds with black diamond eyes and a carved amethyst drops. The drops below are a pair of similar pearls with one small and one large at the base.

21/40 “Popery”


21/40 “Popery” This is named after the figure on the 18ct yellow gold clasp, which I cast from an antique hard stone Roman intaglio. The clasp supports four rows natural oval gold Keshi Pearls of different sizes with gold spacers.

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