07/40 “Violet Haze”


07/40 “Violet Haze” This Kunzite collection is designed around this particularly large rectangular square cut Kunzite from Brazil weighing in at 105ct as a pendent mounted in 18ct yellow gold and the drops shaped Kunzite, also from Brazil, detectable and mounted on a Pave diamond swirled top. The necklace is also on mounted on a rock crystal facetted beads and the pendent is detachable.

08/40 ”Moss Green”


08/40 ”Moss Green” This is quite a unique piece as it is made up from chrysoprase beads, which were mined in South Australia and cut in China. They are often referred to as Australian jade because of their hardness and intense green colour. This string is made up of a graduated round beads 24-18mm with some small inclusions, which give a more natural feeling to the piece. The matching earrings with 18ct yellow gold pebble with a detachable pair of chrysoprase balls.

09/40 “Green Envy”


09/40 “Green Envy” This bracelet was designed based on antique drawings from Jaipur India where I originally bought these stones many years ago. The clasp has a intricate carved African emerald mounted in 18ct yellow gold supporting six rows of cabochon emerald beads.

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