01/40 “Harlequin Blue”


01/40 “Harlequin Blue” An unusual bracelet comprising a combination of Thai blue and Burmese pink sapphires. The large cushion shape harlequin cut sapphire in the clasp is mounted in 18ct yellow gold and supports fourteen rows of graduated faceted intense pink sapphires. This is the first completed of these designs, which inspired me to create others in different materials.

02/40 “White Fan”


02/40 “White Fan” The top broach, which is quite unique, created from an interesting collection of six baroque white Australian Keshi pearls. Five pearls form finials at the top of the 18ct white gold distorted fan shape center with the sixth pearl forming a tail at its base. “ Snow Buds” the lower broach with its large and two smaller Keshi pearls simulating flower buds with a pair of carved Ceylonese sapphires leaves all set in 18ct white gold.

03/40 “Heavenly Black Angel”


03/40 “Heavenly Black Angel” This pendent was created around the ebony head of a young man. Bought by a friend in New York this Blackamoor piece carved in the 1920’s has been converted into an angel with 18ct yellow gold wings and white gold mounted blue moonstone shoulders. The magnificent South Sea Pearl base sets it apart and represents a truly unique piece.

04/40 “White Moon”


04/40 “White Moon” This bracelet with its cabochon white moonstone centre all set in 18ct yellow gold as a clasp. The fifteen rows of intense dark blue faceted Ceylonese sapphires with small 18ct yellow gold spacers creates a dramatic contrast between dark and light. The piece is mounted on an antique century rock crystal Chinese water dropper.

05/40 “Blue Lagoon”


05/40 “Blue Lagoon” This aquamarine necklace is made up of high colour cabochon cut oval beads with 3 rows of grey- blue South Sea pearls scattered throughout. “Blue Lake” the pendant with a cushion shape cabochon cut internally clean unusual aquamarine center. The loop and surround of “F” colour white brilliant cut pave set diamonds adds to the sophisticated look of the piece.“Cho Cho” These delicate drops above featuring rare carved blue Tourmaline wings mounted in 18ct yellow gold with blue cabochon moonstone drops add to the lightness to the piece. All suspended on a 18ct white gold chain with a cabochon blue sapphire top.

06/40 “Putty”


06/40 “Putty” This is named after the figure on the 18ct yellow gold clasp, which I cast from an antique hard stone Roman intaglio. The clasp supports four rows natural oval gold Keshi Pearls of different sizes with gold spacers.

07/40 “Violet Haze”


07/40 “Violet Haze” This Kunzite collection is designed around this particularly large rectangular square cut Kunzite from Brazil weighing in at 105ct as a pendent mounted in 18ct yellow gold and the drops shaped Kunzite, also from Brazil, detectable and mounted on a Pave diamond swirled top. The necklace is also on mounted on a rock crystal facetted beads and the pendent is detachable.

08/40 ”Moss Green”


08/40 ”Moss Green” This is quite a unique piece as it is made up from chrysoprase beads, which were mined in South Australia and cut in China. They are often referred to as Australian jade because of their hardness and intense green colour. This string is made up of a graduated round beads 24-18mm with some small inclusions, which give a more natural feeling to the piece. The matching earrings with 18ct yellow gold pebble with a detachable pair of chrysoprase balls.

09/40 “Green Envy”


09/40 “Green Envy” This bracelet was designed based on antique drawings from Jaipur India where I originally bought these stones many years ago. The clasp has a intricate carved African emerald mounted in 18ct yellow gold supporting six rows of cabochon emerald beads.

10/40 “White Water”


10/40 “White Water” This necklace is reminiscent of water flowing over pebbles. These extra large baroque fresh water pearls the biggest and best I have ever seen, so it the first time I have had anything as large as this to make up a necklace. The 18ct yellow gold tops, designed as stylized fan shape shells, that when reversed form a heart. The drops, which are detachable, are a beautiful pair of extra large baroque fresh water pearls.

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